Character verification detective in Jalandhar, punjab

A person is known by the company he owns and his character is built according to the company he spends the time with. Character is most important part of a person. But it is very difficult to know the character of a person in 1 or 2 meetings. He will show you good behaviour. Arora Detective Agency will help you to solve this problem. Our team of experienced investigators will provide you the complete information about the subject you want to know about. There are many aspects while investigating about the character of a person. We check his background and social behaviour. Including to that, we also check whether a person is addicted to alcohol or any other type of drugs etc. Extra Martial affairs are also included in character verification. Arora Detective Agency is expert in providing fair report to their clients without any biasness.

Character verification includes:

✓Social behaviour checking

✓Checking of extra marital affairs

✓To check the addiction

✓Checking of relationships etc.

Arora Detective Agency provides investigation services in Punjab, Himachal, Haryana, Chandigarh, Shimla and other major cities of India. We have a team of experienced investigators who are appointed in various parts to provide best services to our clients. We don’t believe in fake or false report. We always provide report that is based on facts and figures.

Here are the list of services that are provided by our agency.

  1. Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  2. Post Matrimonial Investigation
  3. Employee Verification (Pre/Post)
  4. Divorce Cases
  5. Insurance Fraud Investigation
  6. Surveillance – Video and photographic
  7. Missing Person Investigation
  8. Extra Marital Affairs
  9. Character Verification
  10. Assets verification
  11. Address verification
  12. Job profile checking
  13. Social and financial status checking
  14. Background Checking
  15. Investigation of any theft/Lost

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