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Arora Detective in Jalandhar

Arora Detective Agency is a detective agency in Jalandhar, Punjab who is not only feverish about what to do but also attempted to be a step ahead from the others. We,  as a team of Arora Detective Agency has not only  exceed our expectations, but we also set our new targets and working methods so that our clients may trust and belief us. Our first priority is to satisfy our clients because we believe perfection is the most important thing in our work. All our investigators are well trained to use latest and modern techniques for investigation to meet the needs of clients.

Arora Detective Agency is the most trusted detective agency in Punjab. We have solved more than 1500 cases and our clients have believe and respect on us for our work. Arora Detective Agency is a team of well trained and professional investigators of all age groups who provide services all over India and carry out the best results.  We provide investigation services like pre/post matrimonial services, employee verification, character verification, job profile checking, background verification, cheating and fraud cases, theft and loss cases, divorce cases for providing documentation, missing person verification etc

There are two types of investigation services.

1. Personal Investigation: Arora Detective Agency offers detective services cover the exact measures of our clients. in personal investigation, we include pre/post matrimonial services, background checking, personal identity check, financial and social status checking, character verification,  divorce cases, extra marital affairs, checking of property documentation, details of assets of the subject and surveillance that includes videos and photographic. All the documents provided by our company are valid in the eyes of law.

2. Corporate investigation: To run a business or a corporation in a proper manner, there are many challenges and risks. The employees of a company are considered as a backbone and they are responsible for the growth or loss of it. A wrong decision taken about a person can be a reason of huge loss for the company. Therefore, to cover the risk of loss, Arora Detective Agency provides Pre/Post employee verification, address confirmation, checking of police or criminal record, previous job profile, documentation verification, character verification, cheating and fraud cases etc.

Reasons to hire Arora Detective Agency

✓ Our company is registered and certified by ISO and our documents are considered valid in Indian courts.

✓ All types of corporate and personal investigation services are available at reasonable price.

✓ We guarantee for 100% secrecy during the investigation process.

✓ A team of highly professional and skilled investigators of all age group who are always eager to solve the cases according to their experiences and capabilities.

✓ Helping people to uncover truth from last 15 years.

✓ 24 hours and 7 days investigation services available in all over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Shimla, Chandigarh and all major cities of Punjab.

Need help? Call our support 24/7 at (+91) 9914447299, 9023627628

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