Arora detective agency is a detective and Investigation service provider located in Jalandhar. We offer best investigation services in the field of Surveillance Investigation.

Pre Matrimonial Background Checking
Pre Matrimonial Investigation is very necessary now a days because it is not a simple and straight forward process.
Post Matrimonial Investigation
Divorce cases are rising day by day in India. Many young couples are separating from this holy bond due to many reasons.
Employee Verification Investigation
Employees are the backbone of every company. It must be assured that you have not chosen any wrong employee for your...
Locating Missing Person Investigation
Investigation services of locating missing person are very difficult for any common person. The missing person can ...
Character Verification
Character verification of employees of private firms is conducted on request of employers concerned. It is done to know about the employees previously or currently working ..
Background checking
Background checking is very important to know about a person whom we meet in our personal, professional life. He may be our business partner, employee, our close friend or any close relative.

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