Corporate Investigation

Arora Detective Agency offers wide assortments of Corporate Investigation Services to our corporate clients. Employees are said as the backbone of any corporation. But when this backbone starts making us uneasy or we can say if the employer cannot trust his employees or his employees starts cheating, then it can be a big loss for any organization. The person who owns a company should be very careful with their employees who know all the secrets of the company.

Why corporate investigation is necessary

The employee who is well known about the details and the secrets of a company can be a big risk as he can reveal your secrets to your business rivals or your previous employees. It can be a reason of big loss for your company. If a company finds the guilty or it has any doubt about employee, Arora Detective Agency helps you to find it through corporate investigation with the help of our well experienced and dedicated team of investigator In corporate investigation, we use the high quality equipment and devices so that there is no chance of escape. In corporate detective we investigate background of the employee, character verification, documents verification, social and family status, previous work done and designation with salary withdrawn, reason for leaving previous job, job profile and case of loss or theft and other information as per the requirements of our clients. We provide the exact information about employees and also appropriate solutions on the given time.

We provide following information:-

Character Verification

Missing Person Investigation

Job Profile

Family and social status

Documents verification

Previous job profile

Loss/theft verification

Background checking

Corporate detective is important because a company based on their employees. We concentrate on the passage of information and the physical interaction of staff with that information. The suggested methods implement these improvements.

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